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Autoplan FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

*Please note - the answers below are applicable to ICBC insurance only. Private automobile insurance policies may be subject to additional exclusions.


Question: I have my car insured for pleasure use only. Can I drive my car to work occasionally?


Answer: You can drive your car to work or school for a maximum of 6 days a month when you are insured for pleasure use only.  HOWEVER, if you are insured for senior use,  you or any person operating your car may NOT drive it to work.


Question: Can somebody else renew my car insurance for me?


Answer: If you are the registered owner of the car, you could have somebody renew your insurance for you by signing the back of the insurance renewal reminder from ICBC or you have power of attorney granted to the person renewing on your behalf. Exception: if you are paying your premium via ICBC monthly payment plan or you are reducing coverage, you cannot have somebody else renew with a signed insurance renewal reminder from ICBC.



Question: Can I have somebody cancel my car insurance for me?


Answer: Generally, the registered owner(s) must go in person to cancel insurance and must bring in the Owner’s Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle License and license plates to an Autoplan Brokers Office to cancel. However, different rules apply if the registered owner(s) are deceased.



Question: If I lease my vehicle, do I need authorization to renew my car insurance?


Answer: Many lease companies have a blanket letter of authorization filed with ICBC. If your lessor has a blanket letter of authorization filed with ICBC, then you can renew your car insurance at any Autoplan brokerage. If your lessor does not have a blanket letter of authorization, then you must contact your lessor for a letter of authorization in order to renew. If you are renewing with changes to coverage or insurer, then a Power of Attorney from the lessor may be required. Consult with your Autoplan broker if you are unsure what is required for you to renew your car insurance.



Question: I have a friend in town for a couple of weeks. Can I lend her my car while she visits?


Answer: Yes, but check to make sure that they are licensed to drive in BC and bare in mind that you would be liable for their use of your vehicle.



Question: I recently got into an accident where I was found to be “at fault” by ICBC. How will this affect my insurance premium?


Answer: It will depend on where you are at on the claim rated scale. Generally speaking, the higher your discount level is, the less you will be impacted. You can refer to the CRS Chart to see how your discount level will be affected.



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