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Homeowner’s Insurance (aka House or Home Insurance)

For most families, their home is the most valuable investment and often stores all of the families most cherished and valuable belongings. For that reason, it is imperative that homeowners safeguard their homes from perils that range from fire to theft.


Even the greatest safeguards cannot protect our homes from perils such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and many more catastrophes, which is why it is necessary to purchase house insurance. House insurance seeks to indemnify homeowners for damages caused by insured perils in order for homeowners to repair or replace their property.


The perils facing your home are limitless and it is not possible, nor cost effective to insure them all, which is why at Allena Chong Insurance, we seek to find you the broadest protection possible for a price that fits your budget by marketing your policy to leading insurance companies.


What does home insurance cover?


The coverage provided by a home insurance policy will differ for the type of policy you buy. The packages commonly available are basic, broad, comprehensive, and platinum. There are different variations for the names of these packages (eg., basic, silver, gold, platinum), but house insurance policies are generally  categorized into those 4 packages, with slight variations. The basic policy generally provides a more limited coverage for the types of property and risks insured, while the comprehensive policies provide broad coverage for risks and personal property. The broad policy, as the name suggests, also provides broad coverage, but does not offer as broad of coverage on personal property as does the comprehensive policy. The platinum policy offers the broadest coverage of all four, but is usually exclusive to clients that meet certain criteria. The best way to compare the policies is to have your insurance broker show you a chart which highlights the differences. Most insurance brokers will have these charts readily available.


How much does home insurance cost?  


Insurance premiums will vary significantly for each homeowner. There’s no standard product that fits the need of every homeowner. Home insurance policies are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the needs of each homeowner. Some typical variables that affect premiums include:


There may be additional variables depending on the insurance company so be sure to ask your insurance broker for a list of all available discounts for the insurance companies they represent so that you receive all the discounts you are entitled.


If you are interested in obtaining a quote for your home, please contact one of our home insurance specialists to help you find the right insurance solution to protect you and your family.

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